• Lew Bedford 


    Lew Bedford founded TSP in May 2019 and has been responsible for the progress to date. He is supported by the Strategic Advisory team. 

  • Khursheed Khurody 

    Strategic Advisor

    Khursheed is a global non-profit consultant and the Director of Khurody Technical Services. She is a Harvard Graduate and alongside her work, is a brilliant classical musician.

  • Crispin Lyden - Cowan

    Strategic Advisor

    Crispin grew up in Zambia, and has worked in corporate leadership roles for over 30 years, and he sits as a Partner and Quality Leader for EY. He is also a board trustee for the Surrey Cricket Foundation.

  • Rob Waller

    Strategic Advisor

    Rob was born in Zimbabwe, and grew up in South Africa. He spent time working in investment banking, aswell as various C-Suite roles in Africa. He currently is working in an advisory role in Barbados. 

  • Philippe Van Den Abeele

    Strategic Advisor

    Philippe has over 30 years of experience in freight and freight-related commodity derivatives trading, and now CIO at Consortium Capital. He is a keen conservationist and has advised global conservation boards in recent years.

  • Daniel Newton 

    Strategic Advisor

    Dan works as Strategy Manager in Sustainability for Accenture with experience in circular economy, climate strategy, carbon compensation, supply chain traceability and social sustainability. He is a keen cricketer and a Durham University Alumni.